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Breakout Trade Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What markets do you cover?

My main focus is on US stocks listed on the major exchanges. That means about 80% of my trading is on Nasdaq and NYSE stock. The other 20% are on Canadian exchanges like the TSX, TSXV and CSE.

Most of the stocks I buy are highly liquid with a strong track record. And the technical signals that drive the trading system can be applied to any publicly traded stock, commodity or currency.

Does your trading system work with ETFs?

My system is primarily designed to work with stocks, and that’s what’s explained in trading system details in the private trading website.

But the technical trading concepts, including the primary strategy, can easily be adapted to ETFs, as well as forex, futures or commodities. I regularly share ETF trade ideas in the forums as well.

How do I know when to sell?

Each new trade alert comes with a specific stop-loss level. It also references the trading system I’m using to trigger the buy, so you’l know when to raise the stop-loss. I also keep a list of all positions so you can easily see the stop-loss level for any trade alert.

Plus, I also send trade alerts whenever I sell a stock (win or lose!) And since all my trades are based on end-of-day signals, you’ll always have plenty of time to read the alert before acting.

Are these really your trade alerts?

Yes! The main goal of this private community website is to alert you about all my personal trades in my own brokerage accounts. I’m simply sharing everything I’m doing in real time! 

To help make this even more educational though, I’ve created a demo model portfolio that helps illustrate trend following breakout concepts in even more depth.

How many alerts will I receive?

On average, you’ll get 2-5 trade alerts per week. But to be honest this does depend on market conditions. Extreme volatility can result in more trade alerts being triggered while calmer trending markets will result in longer holding times for profitable positions.

While I’ve created a demo model portfolio that tracks many of my real trades to help illustrate trend following breakouts concepts in even more depth.

How long do you keep trades open?

It depends on the trade, but typically a couple of weeks to a couple of months. My approach is to build long-term wealth for me and my family so I’m trying to catch bigger market moves. The other benefit of this is I don’t have to babysit my positions quite as actively!

So especially if you have a busy full time job this is a quick and efficient way to learn to manage your portfolio

What if I don’t understand something?

Easy, just drop me a note! I personally respond to all questions emailed to me by community users.  And it’s my goal to help you get the most out of this community. I’ll answer any questions you have about this content, or anything related. Seriously!

And by the way, we also have four trading forums where you can post your trading questions to the crowd, peruse real-time discussions and get answers from other traders too.

What if I have more questions and want to talk to someone?

You’re more than welcome to send me an email anytime (contact [at] intelligenttrendfollower.com). I’m here to help and happy to give you any specific answers you’re still looking for.

What if I want to cancel my account?

No problem at all! You can easily cancel at any time within your membership profile, or by sending me an email. While some people have remained subscribers for a long time, others drop in for a few month to learn the systems and then apply it on their own. No contracts. No pressure. No questions asked. While I’m confident you’ll want to stick around, you can come and go at any time!

Can you help me find penny stocks that are going to double in the next few days?

Actually, no. That’s not my approach to the stock market. I am primarily trading large and mid-cap liquid stocks. Most of my trades are made off weekly charts. Because I’m trying to catch BIG trends in these well-known stocks, you don’t need to overtrade or sit in front of the screen all day.

Do you trade options?

I generally place 3-7 options trades per month and will share all buy and sells with you when you subscribe to alerts. I focus on short-dated call and put options to catch quick trends in high-quality stocks. No option writing is involved, which can require significantly more capital and risk.

Why Should I Buy These Breakout Trade Alerts?

Let me cut to the chase: These easy-to-use trade alerts condense all my experience into simple an actionable updates sent to your email. It took me over a decade to piece this puzzle together.

Sure, you can go ahead and try to figure things out for yourself. In time, you might get there.

But it will likely take years. And this is a great way to rapidly speed up your learning curve while getting actionable trade alets to help you grow!