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“Join the Breakout Trading Community today and learn to apply the Blueprint trading strategies in real time with confidence and consistency!

The Trading Forums You Asked For:

Over the last few months I surveyed hundreds of Blueprint readers to ask, “What’s the #1 thing that would improve your trading?” And the overwhelming majority of you said… discussion forums!

So in addition to trade alerts, a model portfolio, and four complete trading systems…

You can now start discussing ideas with myself and many other traders in these new real time discussion forums! Keep reading to learn what you can expect.

“Get real-time trade alerts and join the daily discussion in our trading forum!”

Get Detailed Trade Alerts

Get notified of every trade I make! Orders are usually placed after hours and contain detailed strategy and stop loss-notes, making it easy to follow along, even with a demanding day job!

Join the Members-Only Trading Forums

Engage with traders like you! Discuss ideas, share trading strategies, and get timely feedack on your potential trades. Connect with like-minded breakout stock traders in real time!

“Enjoy complete behind-the-scenes access to my trading systems and open positions!

Learn New Trading Systems

Discover four complete trading systems! These are the engines that drive all buy and sell decisions in our model portfolio. It’s 100% transparent so you can always see why I’m trading!

Follow The Model Portfolio

Insider access to all my open positions, closed trades and a dasboard view to help you gauge trading system performance at a glance. You’ll always know where and when I’m invested!

Friends Help Friends Buy Breakouts:

Whether you’re managing risk for retirement, chasing growth for the long-term, or trying to trade full time, this community is here to help!

With detailed trade alerts, 3 private forums, and a completely transparent model portfolio, you’ll have NO shortage of ideas, trading strategies and confidence!

Plus, this community is only ever going to be for buyers of the Breakout Stock Blueprint, so you know you’re going to be interacting with serious and like-minded students of the market!

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“Looking for like-minded traders to help you grow your profits? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because that’s exactly what I’m hoping to build here.

See you on the inside!”

-Jay Delaworth

How To Get In On The Ground Floor of This New Breakout Trading Community:

To be honest with you, I never expected to be building a community of traders like this.

…. But you know what?

From all the emails and messages I’ve been getting, it seems like a lot of people read the Breakout Stock Blueprint, and wanted more.

And when I asked for specifics, you told me what you really wanted was:

  • Trading discussion forums to validate trade ideas, explore trading psychology and share different strategies…
  • Detailed trade alerts to track all my buys and sells with complete visibility into the underlying trading systems…
  • Model-portfolio with open positions and closed trades so you can easily see what I’m holding and what I’ve sold…


Here we are! I went ahead and put all of this together for you… and now… I want to invite you to come try it out!

And okay, to be totally transparent with you:

I’m not envisioning this community to be a 24/7 chat room. Because as you know that’s not really the kind of trading I do…

(I also have a life to live).


I do commit to posting all my trades in real time, and being in the forums multiple times each day sharing ideas and answering ANY trading questions.


Based on the survey feedback you gave me, I’ll make it a priority to be active in the evenings, when most readers seem most available.


Come Join Me!

Let’s talk stocks. Let’s share trade ideas. And let’s dig into the big bad world of markets together!

Of course…

We’re not financial advisors… let me be clear… we’re traders!

But you can still use the community as your own personal sounding board to help you review, stress test, and validate your trading decisions.

“Plus, I’ll be sharing all my trades in real time!”


If you want to get your own trading questions answered, see the trades I’m taking… and… discuss ideas in real time, then this community is for you!

Seriously. I know this community will have a LOT of value. And I’m willing to commit a LOT of my time to make that so.

… But I need you to be committed too!

So in the future, (once we’re out of this launch period), I plan to charge a full price of $99/month for access to this community.

That’s because it’s going to take a lot of my time, and I want to keep the quality of members high.

But since you’ve already opted in to my ideas, I wanted to thank you offering a super low price that is a 50% discount on the $99 I’ll soon be charging.

So for only $49 each month, you can get in on the ground floor and interact with me and other Blueprint buyers to help amp up your trading from all different angles.

“And once 100 people sign up, that’s it!”

I’ll plan to double the admission fee for anyone new. But not for you. In fact…

The price will never go up for you no matter what, as long as you subscribe.

And you know what? I’ll cut your first month by 50% too, so it’s only $24!

But just to be clear…

I’m only offering this price to people who want to get in on the ground floor. Because right now I’m looking for a small dedicated group of people.

And once we have that, then this launch offer will be GONE.

So, I’m ready to move on this… Are you?

I hope to see you on the inside! Just hit the big button above to get started signing up!