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Welcome to the Breakout Blueprint Community!

Thank you for joining us! We’re so excited to have you as part of this breakout stock trading community. So here’s how you can get the most value in 3 easy steps:

  • Get started on the right foot! Read that link to quickly get up to speed on all the different parts of this private members-only website. It’s easy and fast to get running!
  • Engage and ask questions! Trade alerts  are posted multiple times each week (usually in the evening). I encourage you to engage in the forums as well to discuss ideas. I’ll typically log in multiple times each day.
  • Use the model portfolio as inspiration! While the model portfolio and trade alerts will reflect my exact approach to the markets, they work best as educational ideas and inspiration. You’ll probably be served best by adapting the systems to what works for you based on your personal

So there you have it! Get started exploring the breakout community. Get up to speed on the model portfolio and subscribe to get notified of trade alerts.

And if you have any questions at any time, then just shoot me an email: I’m excited to have you here and look forward to the interaction!